Have you tried to access therapy, see a Counsellor or a Psychotherapist before?

Do you suffer with anxiety or stress but can't access private therapy because it is too expensive?

Or maybe you are already on an NHS waiting list or have tried to access therapy through the NHS but the waiting lists are too long?

Hi, I’m Jacci Jones a fully trained Psychotherapist with my own private practice in Coppull, Lancashire. I have been seeing clients for a number of years now but I realise what a huge expense seeing a therapist can be and sadly it is just out of the price range of a lot of people. So I have been trying to think of ways that I can support people for free or for a very low cost to make accessing mental health support available to everybody regardless of their budget. I already run a free Podcast, YouTube channel and a private Facebook group where I support people for free but I realise there is a huge void between getting free support online and paying £40-£60ph to see a private therapist such as myself, that is why I have set up this low cost membership group. It is the just the cost of seeing me for half an hour per month but you get me in a group environment 7 days a week, (and almost) 24 hours a day. You also become part of a supportive group of like minded people who are all going through something similar to yourself.

This initial offer is ONLY available for the first 30 people that subscribe!


After that I won’t be taking on any more members for a few months so that I can provide these members with the most support and value that I can. After this initial intake any future offer will be more expensive, won’t have as much included as I am offering here and will not include the free month/week, so this really is the best time to join!


So without further ado, what is included for the first 30 members of the ‘Living Life Being Human Membership’? You will get legacy ‘grandfather/grandmother’ rights and for as long as you are a member your subscription cost or terms will NOT change. You may cancel at any time, just send an email to jacci@jaccijones.co.uk and as long as it is at least 3 days before the next payment date I will end your subscription immediately (no notice period required).

  • Weekly Recorded Zoom Coaching Call with the Whole Group £160pm*

    Ask me anything within a closed group, safe environment. I will answer members questions, cover topics, give guidance and help wherever I can. This will all be stored within a members Dropbox or dashboard for you all to access after the call if you miss it or want to listen back.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group £Priceless*

    This Facebook Group is ONLY for members of this membership. It will be a very small, closed, intimate group where we can all share our inner secrets without fear or judgement. You can ask me anything in here night or day and I will always get back to you (if not straight away, the next day) either with a written reply or sometimes with a live or video if I think it will benefit others. This will be an uplifting, positive environment (I will make it my mission to ensure this is the most positive space on Facebook).

  • Access to a course each month for FREE (after the initial free month) £63+*

    Each month I will send you a 100% OFF code that you can apply to a specific course for that whole month. We will sometimes discuss this course on the live calls and in the private group If I think everyone will benefit from the content. I currently have 5 courses available over on my course platform but there are many more planned over the coming months. From time to time I will also make exclusive content and courses purely for my members.

  • You will get exclusive first access to some courses, books etc before they get released £££
  • Free Branded Gift and Discount Codes £20+*

    I will send you all a free branded gift a month after joining to welcome you to the group. There will also be free downloads, workbooks, activities etc as we go along.

  • Members Only Monthly Newsletter £££

    In these I will cover topics we have been over in the previous month, any information and free downloads I think members would benefit from and plans for the group for the following month(s).

Membership NOW LIVE

Option 1

Just £19.99 per month

1 month absolutely FREE!!! 

Option 2

Just £5 per week

1 week absolutely FREE!!! 

The payment and subscription is all handled via Stripe, I do not store or have access to any of your payment details. When you click enter membership you will be transferred over to Stripe to complete the subscription details and I will be notified once the subscription has been confirmed. Don’t worry no money is taken until after the first free 31 days (or 7 days depending on your membership option) so just email me to cancel up to 3 days before and no payment will be taken and you will be removed from the group and no longer have access to any of the membership benefits. If it is within 3 days of the payment date I’m afraid that payment will be taken and your subscription will end after the payment date, but you will still have access to all the membership benefits for the following month.

*I have tried to add rough prices just to show the value of what this subscription is worth, but as I’m sure you are aware some things are hard to put a price on. At the moment I charge £40ph to see clients, so a 1 hour coaching call with me would be £40. Some therapists charge £60 or even £100ph so I can’t emphasise enough how valuable having access to a fully qualified Psychotherapist night and day to answer your questions and provide support is.